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Press Releases


Winter Holidays in Lviv 2010-2011

If traditional dinners are not enough for you during this Christmas Season – get prepared to the exciting journey to Lviv! There are plenty of special events arranged in the city these days. Only here Christmas is so bright and colorful…

2 - 12 December 2011
Jazz Bez Int’l Festival

10-days jazz marathon joins music amateurs and famous artists from around the globe. The festival specialty is the majority jazz styles are represented – swing, fusion, bi-bop, jazz-rock, funk, cool, free-jazz) and improvisation. «Jazz Bez» – is music without borders and a wonderful mood!
Art Union «Dzyha», «Jazz Club. Lviv»
Picasso Club, Lviv Philharmonic

10 December 2010 – 10 January 2011
Christmas Fair

Fair, the epicenter of Christmas celebrations in the city: songs, fun, delicious treats and mulled wine, honey, varenyky, souvenirs and gifts, carol songs, warm holiday mood. The local artisans will represent their crafts: pisankas, embroideries, pottery, traditional clothes, leather crafts, beads. The special Christmas mood will be spread from the wooden kiosks that already become symbols of Christmas season.
Svoboda Av. and Rynok Square

12 December 2010
Ethnic Festival «St. Andrew’s Vechornytsi»

St. Andrew’s Vechornytsi is the day when girls used to tell fortunes. They say the heaven is open during the Christmas season starting from St. Andrew’s day – you can ask whatever – it will all come true.
Palace of Fine Arts, tel. 0972459055
Galician Cultural centre for children and youth

17-19 December 2010
St. Nicholas Day

St. Nicholas day is - the most important day for kids when they expect presents. It is also a traditional start of Season’s celebration – the main Christmas tree is represented on this day. There are plenty of performances for kids all around the city, charity concerts and promotions. Lviv kids believe Santa lives in one of ancient house in Lviv skansen. This day a special performance is organized there.
Svodoby Ave, Skansen

17-19 December 2010
St Nicholas Fair

Pidvalna Street 5 (along Arcenal Museum)
tel: 0975883979,

17-19 December 2010
Half Price Weekend in Lviv

St Nicholas present for adults – 50% discount in major hotels, restaurants, coffee houses, travel agencies.
More information about participating companies: www.city-adm.lviv.ua, www.lviv.travel

23 December 2010
Christmas Creche in Lviv

Opening of the fairytale crèche on Rynok Square, as well as live crèche performance featuring live actors including animals: donkey, sheep and bull calf.
Rynok Square, city’s cathedral

6 January 2011
Didukh Installation

Didukh - traditional Galician symbol of New Year and Christmas
Rynok Square, Svobody Ave, Square in front of Opera Theatre

6-20 January 2011
Christmas in Lviv

Traditional Ukrainian Celebration – carol songs, street performances, delicious treats and mulled wine, craft fair.
City Centre

7-8 January 2011
Christmas Star Festival

On the 7th January you can take part in Christmas theatre in Lviv skansen, on the 8th – Christmas Parade in city centre

7-31 January 2011
Carol Songs Festival “Velyka Kolyada”

Dominican Cathedral

8-10 January 2011
Doughnut Day

The day when you can enjoy this traditional Christmas specialty with different fillings and see the process of cooking live.
Rynok Square

More information at www.city-adm.lviv.ua, www.lviv.travel