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Press Releases


Hotel Franchising – A new horizon for Ukrainian hoteliers

At the third annual Ukrainian Hotel Forum, the Ukrainian hotel management group Premier International proposed a turnkey franchising solution for hoteliers working on the Ukrainian market. The hotel franchising concept that Premier International introduced is entirely new to Ukraine and the countries of the CIS as well.

At the end of 2011 Premier International announced the start of a new brand called Compass Hotels uniting Ukraine’s economy-class hotels. The brand has enabled Premier International to enter the economy-class segment consisting of 2- to 3-star hotels and to offer guests comfortable, high-quality service.

Premier International CEO Irina Sidletska remarked at the forum that the international hotel business employs franchising in all segments of the hospitality market. She added that it is an ideal proposition for the economy-class segment: it doesn’t require major investments on the part of the hotel owners and yet affords them a ready-to-use solution for hotel development and entails expert support as regards management, marketing, financial modelling, purchasing, etc.

“It is a useful format of mutual development for hotel owners”, Sidletska said. “Eventually and for minimal expenses an owner can count on the rapid and effective development of the business with the use of modern business processes tested in practice, assess a property’s operational and technical specs, supervise management standards and regular consultations, provide supply systems and quality control, plus eliminate redundancies as regards advertising and promotions. Additionally, the owner reserves the right and ability to participate in the hotel’s operating activity». The main expenses for hoteliers are 5-7% of turnover.

Premier International has broadened its reach inside the hotel market and entered the economy-class segment for a wide variety of reasons: Ukraine’s large number of uncategorised hotels; market demand for inexpensive and quality accommodations; absence of structured management system.

Compass Hotels is a brand representing affordable accommodations on the national hotel market and which guarantees quality accommodations, minimum standards and amenities, and good service.

About Premier International:

The first Ukrainian hotel management company and the leader on the market in the 3-, 4- and 5-star hotel fields. The company manages 3 hotel chains: Premier Hotels – a collection of luxury hotels in Ukraine,Accord Hotels – a group of medium-priced Ukrainain business hotels, Compass Hotels – an economy class hotel chain.

The company provides consultive and technical support for hotels at every stage of the development process, including project development, commissioning, reorganization, hotel franchise opportunities.

Irina Paleva, Head of PR-department
Tel.: (044) 244 13 63
e-mail: pr@premier-international.net