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Press Releases


Summer Festivals in Lviv

The summer comes to Lviv in ways that will definitely lead to fun wherever you are in the city. The city's June events calendar promises a wide array of wonderful open-air festivals, so plan your trip now and be sure to reserve one of the newly renovated rooms at the Dnister Premier Hotel: the right place to stay with true Western Ukrainian hospitality!

“Young Talents in Ward of King Danylo” Festival of young painters

Dates: May – the 1st of June, 2011.
Location: Lviv Palace of Arts (17, Copernicus Street), central part of the city, Open Air Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life (1, Chernecha Hora Street)
Website: www.artclass.lviv.ua
Tel. number: +38 (032) 238 63 37, +38 (067) 843 97 67.
Each year the festival invites more than 500 hundred talented Ukrainian children to take part in the open-air painting session in Lviv. On the next – the 2nd of June – “Golden Easel” international contest starts and lasts until the 10th of November. The best works will be exhibited in the National Museum and Lviv City Hall. The year winner will be awarded with a prize, an easel made of real gold.

“Fairy-Tale in the Groove” - The 8th theater festival for children

Dates: 4-5 of June, 2011.
Location: Air Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life (1, Chernecha Hora Street).
Website: www.skansen.lviv.ua
Tel. number: +38 (032) 243 78 23, 247 03 81
In front of the old village cottages and on the picturesque lawns the heroes of the fairy tales revive. Old Leo, Kind Fairy and Hayovyk (Kind Wood Goblin) invite little kids to participate in the show. The “Entertainment Glade” and “Tale-Narrators’ Glade” are offering children funny games and meetings with the famous fairy tale narrators and fabulists. Join the game and feel yourself a child while visiting the museum!

“Summer on the Rynok Square” Art Festival

Dates: 4 June - 28 August, 2011
Location: Rynok Square
www.litonarynku.lviv.ua, www.cultureandtourism.lviv.ua
Tel. number: +38 (032) 235 48 82
Summer in Lviv is full of life, music and entertainment during all three months. In the daytime master classes of artists, blacksmiths, florists, and choreographers as well as sports presentations are invite all guests to Rynok Square. Numerous cozy cafes and refined restaurants are attracting with smells of delicious food and coffee. Live music is heard everywhere in the old city. In the evening amateur and professional street tango and salsa groups and theaters, ethnic and popular music orchestras, clowns and outdoor cinema are creating the atmosphere of the everlasting holiday and entertainment. Summer is a fantastic time to visit Lviv!

The 2nd Lviv Beer Festival

Dates: June 10-12, 2011
Location: Central part of the city
Website: www.beerfest.lviv.ua, www.cultureandtourism.lviv.ua
Tel. number: +38 (032) 235 48 82
What does every tourist want to try in Lviv? Coffee, chocolate, and of course beer! It has become a tradition: to go to Lviv for a bottle of “true” beer. This is not surprising because the city has been famous for its high quality brewery since long ago. This tradition is kept alive with the help of The Lviv Beer Festival.
The motto of this year’s festival is the theme of car races. Because simultaneously with this festival, another event will be held in Lviv: the International Festival of Classic Cars “Leopolis Grand Prix” on the historical track “Lviv’s triangle”, which was built to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the First International Race “Leopolis Grand Prix”. During the festival different rallies and retro car races (according to the rules of the International Classic Cars Federation FIVA) will take place.
The 2nd Lviv Beer Festival will support the drivers by offering not just regular beer, but non-alcohol beer as well. The self-made cars race will be also happening among other traditional events during the festival.

The 4th Organ Music Festival “Diapason”

Dates: June - July 2011
Location: Lviv Organ and Chamber Music Hall (8, St. Bandera Street)
Website: www.organy.lviv.ua
Tel. number: +38 (032) 272 39 53
The “Diapason” festival reminds of Lviv as the organ music center. Lviv has got the richest organ music tradition in Ukraine. In old times, the city competed with such known capitals as Krakow, Warsaw, Prague, Vienna, and Vilnius.
The “Diapason” festival is an important step in the six hundred years of history of organ music development in Lviv. Famous organists and young performers from all over the world are coming to Lviv annually to fascinate audiences with their filigree technique and passionate emotions. Performers from Japan, Switzerland, Germany, France and other countries are invited to this year’s festival.