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Press Releases


Lviv Spring. April Festival Program.

Easter in Lviv

Dates: April 24-30, 2011
Location: the city center, The Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life (1, Chernecha Hora Strreet)
Website: www.cultureandtourism.lviv.ua
Tel. number: (032) 243 78 23, (032) 247 03 81
Easter is a family holiday in Ukraine and Lviv is the best place to feel this atmosphere. It is only here that the family spirit is present in each temple, on every square and in each street where traditional Easter folklore celebrations, fairs, concerts and theater performances take place. World renown Ukrainian Easter eggs, embroidery, ceramics, decorations, woodcarvings attract the guests of the Easter Markets.
During the Easter celebrations, the annual ethnographic festival “A Great Gayivka (ritual round dances and games)” is held. A few weeks before its start there are master-classes in the painting of Ester eggs – the main symbol of the holiday.
Lvivites and visitors of the city can learn Ukrainian spring traditions and take part in the Easter celebration.

The Street Dance Festival “In the Rhythm of a Heart”

Dates: the 30th of April, 2011
Location: the center of the city, the Art Palace “Ukraine” (Melnyka st., 18)
Website: www.fri.net.ua
Tel. number: (032) 271 95 17, (097) 603 91 93
Project “Street Dance“ is an attempt to create a new look of the traditional city street life. This usually beautiful spring day the best dancers of Ukraine gather in Lviv to show their art, among them talented and active young people from Lviv. Dancing is their style of life. Come join us! We promise that it would be a lot of fun!

“Flugery L’vova” (“Weather-Vanes of Lviv”) – the 9th International Jazz Festival

Dates: 30th of April – 2nd of May, 2011
Location: Rynok Square (City Hall Courtyard)
Website: www.dzyga.com.ua
Tel. number: (032) 244 47 78
The 9th Ethno-jazz festival “Flugery Lvova” is the most exquisite and extraordinary event in the city. And as usual the event will be happening in the very heart of Lviv- in the City Hall Courtyard.
Year after year, it is expands and the amount of its participants – ethno and jazz bands – grows. Also there are different media and literary projects within the festival. A morning concert of the famous rock-band from Lviv “Mertvyi Piven’” has already become a tradition of the festival.
For three days, the Festival welcomes world-class musicians in Lviv, presenting international stars and fresh new talents from the Ukraine’s own burgeoning scene. Every year, this free event enables a huge number of people to enjoy an outstanding selection of jazz music and have a good time in a good company.