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Dnister Hotel Hanger Makes Guinness Record Book

On 18 February the Dnister Premier Hotel and the Purij Design Company entered the Guinness Book of World Records for creating the biggest forged clothes hanger.

The hanger is 222 cm high by 258 cm wide. All parts are made of steel and were bent into place through hot forging.

“We often host big conferences and banquets and need to fit a large amount of clothes into our cloakroom”, said Alexandra Gagarina, Head of Sales and Marketing at the Dnister Premier Hotel. “This hanger would allow us to hang about 500 coats at one time”.

“We register a lot of individual records but very few corporate or industrial records promoting production achievements”, said Guinness Book of World Records’ Ukraine representative Igor Pidchibiy. “Previously there was no record for biggest forged hanger either in Ukraine or in the Guinness Records Book, so we are happy to add it to the list”.