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Are Ukrainian hoteliers Ready for Euro 2012?

On 2 February the Rus Accord Hotel in Kyiv held the third annual Ukrainian Hotel Forum. This key event for the Ukrainian industry of hospitality was organized by Business Summit and gathered the leaders of the Ukrainian hotel industry – hoteliers, hotel and hotel department CEOs and managers, directors and representatives of international hotel chains in Ukraine, and representatives of administrating companies and investors.

The theme of this year’s forum was “Condition Number One: Before and after Euro 2012. Focus on the guest: service, quality, control. The strategy for development of strong national hotel brands”.

During a press conference ahead of the forum the event organizers discussed important questions regarding the Ukrainian hospitality market, namely whether the Ukrainian hotel industry is ready to host guests of Euro 2012. As a whole, all speakers representing national hotel chains, associations of hotels, restaurants and spa resorts, public organizations and hotel market suppliers said that their facilities had conducted considerable preparatory work and most of them were now ready for the event.

CEO Irina Sidletska of Premier International, Ukraine’s leading hotel operator, said that the question of readiness was important not only for hotels, but also for all aspects of tourism infrastructure in the cities hosting matches of the championship. She added that each guest’s overall impression will be influenced by the quality of many associated spheres: public transport, taxis, banks, entertainment, and food and beverage.

“If some hosting facilities didn’t have enough time to prepare adequately for various objective reasons, they still have a few months left and should make maximum use of this time. For our part, we are ready to provide guests with comfortable accommodations and give them recommendations on locations and activities in each host city. Here, in Kyiv, they are going to spend the majority of their stay and get their impressions about Ukraine, which is why it is important to coordinate the work of all tourism infrastructure”, Sidletska said.

Premier International
is the first purely Ukrainian hotel operator in the country and which, since 2003, has been the leader on the market in the 3-, 4- and 5-star hotel fields. At present the company manages three unique hotel chains:
Premier Hotels – a collection of luxury hotels in Ukraine;
Accord Hotels – a group of medium-priced Ukrainian business hotels;
Compass Hotels – an economy class hotel chain.

Premier International also provides consultative and technical support for hotels in Ukraine, including project development, commissioning, reorganization and hotel franchise opportunities.